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Producers . Directors . Cinematographers . Writers . Filmmakers

The Film and Technology Association provides students with the ability to meet outside of school hours with students of like-minded passions and creative ideas within the realm of photography and videography. Within the club members have the ability to partake in a number of activities such as film, photography, news, editing, social media, website work, and creative writing. At each meeting we work on different skills and projects through activities in order to increase our creative abilities. The work produced from these projects, can be submitted to compete in district, state, and national competitions such as FSPA (Florida Scholastic Press Association) or STN (Student Television Network). These many opportunities to win awards also help with receiving scholarships or attending summer programs such as UF, CJC, SMI, and SCAD Summer Seminars. As a club we also work with various community service projects and community service opportunities such as our partnership with Pompano Beach Elementary.

In relation to our Association we have two different publications, PompanoTVI and
PTVINews. Through the club and class we produce material to showcase on both publications through our YouTube, Website and Instagram. As a crew we go out to multiple events around the school such as, sports games, awards ceremonies, clubs, homecoming and more in order to produce multimedia coverage on the events, in order to share them with the school through our publications. Our goal as a club and publication is to provide information for the students by the students, and it is all done in a fun and educational way!

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