About Us

Pompano Television International is run by students for students. This interactive platform provides news and information to the school and the international community.

Starting with the basics of news & pre-production and building up to working real shoots & competitions, the Digital Video Production program provides an outlet for students’ creativity through hands-on experience. Whether students have a passion for film, news, talent, editing, writing, or more, they get to explore all elements of the industry before choosing their specialty in their third year.


The first year exposes students to the fundamentals of the industry and the pre-production process, namely camera shots and scriptwriting. Although mainly dealing with field production, students begin to transition to studio production toward the end of the year.


In the second year, the course centers around news and studio production. Students also learn how to edit video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, working to pass a certification test by the end of the year.


By their third year, students have had experience in all components of video production and may then choose what they wish to specialize in to hone in their skills on what they’re passionate about.


At the end of three-- and sometimes four-- years, students leave with knowledge they could not have gotten any other way. In addition to the technical expertise gained, students learn how to write, communicate, and research from the work they do. The Digital Video Production program can lead to a career within the industry, a hobby, or even skills applicable to other careers and activities.