School Counselors

By Ashly McNally

  • If you are a ninth grader, your counselor is Mrs. Carlson. Mrs. Carlson is also charge of Exceptional Student Education (ESE).

  • If you are a 10th, 11th, or 12th grader:

    • If your last name starts with A through I, your counselor is Ms. Fish.

    • If your last name starts with J through S, your counselor is Mr. Bell.

    • If your last name starts with T through Z, your counselor is Ms. Spaulding.

  • Ms. McFadden is the Broward Advisor for Continuing Education (BRACE) at our school.

  • Ms. Fulcher is the Family Counselor and School Counselor here at Pompano Beach High.

  • All of their offices are located in the School Counseling Office next to the bus loop.