We know it's nerve-racking at first... but it will all work out fine. Here's some information you'll need to know for this school year at Pompano Beach High.

Welcome to Pompano! We are glad you are here and would like to help out by talking about the rules and guidelines of the school:

   -ID Policy 

You will have a yearbook photo session in your study hall on either August 26 or August 27. The photo will be in the yearbook and on your school ID. You are required to wear the ID on a lanyard around your neck for the entirety of the school day.

Do not cover the picture or vandalize the ID.

It's for your safety and ours.

 -Sign Out Policy

In order to leave early from school, your parent or guardian must send an email to erika.rodriguez@browardschools.com with a photo of a valid ID (driver's license, identification card, passport, etc). Also, add the time and reason for sign-out.



 Dear x,

Please release my child (student name) from his/her (class block/period) class at (time) for a dentist/doctor's/etc appointment.

<attach parent identification picture here>

-Tardy Policy                                                   -Dress Code