Summer is Near

Don't have summer plans yet? Need some ideas on how to make this the best summer ever? Listed below are a few suggestions on how to make this the most memorable summer yet.

By Halle Chinnery, PTVI Contributor 

Merriam-Webster defines summer as the period between the seasons of spring and fall. With the school year nearing its end, that means that summer is right around the corner. Unlike last summer where we were all stuck inside all day, this time we get to leave the house and actually do something fun. So, that means that this summer there will be plenty to do such as:

  • College tours

  • Visit Family

  • Take a road trip

  • Schedule a visit to Disney World

  • Schedule a trip to Universal

  • Schedule a trip to Sea World

  • Work on your college applications

  • Do community service

  • Work a summer job

  • Learn to cook

  • Learn to play an instrument

  • Learn to drive

  • Or you can stay inside again

There are so many options available for this summer for you to do and export his summer all you have to do is go out and do it (or stay in and do it).