Pompano Pet Gallery

By Emma Parker, Assistant Webmaster

Due to our new normal, people have been forced to stay at home and their furry friends' lives have never been better. Belly rubs anytime they want, treats given on the hour, and they no longer have to wait all day to go outside for a walk. However, pets aren’t the only ones benefiting from their owners being home every day.

People have found a new sense of comfort from their pets with all the stress and anxiety in the world today.  When their pet comes into the room, people can forget for a second their stresses and focus on how adorable their pet is.

If you want to show off how amazing your pet has been through all of this send in the following:

  • a picture of your pet,

  • their name,

  • a description of their personality, 

  • and how they have helped you get through this difficult time. 

Email this information to pbhstvi@gmail.com to see your pet featured on PompanoTVI.com.