Magnet Open House

By Ashly McNally

Although the annual Magnet Open House officially began at 6 p.m., many parents and middle school students arrived to Pompano Beach High early.


This past Thursday, November 29, upward of 700 people listened as “our best ambassadors, our students” explain what they do at PBHS, as according to Magnet Coordinator Jeffery Williams. The middle school students came from private, public, and charter middle schools across Broward County.


“And with programs such as the JROTC, SGA, PTVI, and the Music Department showing off what they can do, it shows the whole school in a good light,” Williams said. He kicked off the event with a short speech before passing it along to Principal Hudson Thomas and School Counseling ESE Specialist Lori Carlson.


Students highlighted how the programs are “wonderful and look good on a college resume,” as said by Joseph Moreno (11), urging “parents to usher [their] kids into our [language] programs.” The students discussed the languages they’ve learned and how their respective magnet programs “opened me up to a new hobby and also gave me skills to use outside the classroom,” stated by Clara Garriga Dominguez (12).


As the event ended at 7:30 p.m., future Golden Tornadoes were left knowing they would have a good life here at Pompano.