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By Ashly McNally, Webmaster

COVID-19 Updates

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  • Congratulations to the Pompano Bach High Theater Troupe 6063 for their Cappies nominations for their play, Luna Gale, in the following categories:

    • Hayli Bolgobin for Costumes in a Play​

    • Abigail O'Hara and Jasmine Francis for Sets in a Play

    • Alfonse Mazzarella and Audrey Maggio for Creativity

    • Alfonse Mazzarella for Supporting Actor in a Play

  • Don't worry! The Beanpicker yearbook is still happening. You can purchase it online here until Thursday, April 30.


  •  If you are in need of tutoring, National Honor Society is offering online sessions. Please fill out the form here.

  • For AP class tutoring, please view the schedule to the left. To join the tutoring lesson, click here.

    • To view previous lessons, click here.​

  • To view your third quarter report card, sign into sso.browardschools.com using your login and click on the Virtual Counselor tile.

Advanced Placement & Standardized Tests

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, College Board has changed the dates and procedures for AP Exams. To see when you will be taking them and where, click here. You should also receive or have received a personalized email from College Board about your exam schedule.

  • If you are in need of a review session for AP exams, click here to find review sessions by teachers. Click here to stay sharp by practicing on Khan Academy.

Dual Enrollment

  • Broward College is moving to a three-phase process as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The three phases are as follows:

    • Phase I (May 1st deadline) is for CURRENT dual enrollment students who only need to complete the dual enrollment form with their counselor.  

    • Phase II (May 22nd deadline) is for NEW dual enrollment students who already have a qualifying unweighted GPA of 3.0 and test scores.

    • Phase III (June 1st deadline) is for NEW dual enrollment students who have a qualifying unweighted GPA of 3.0 but still need to take the PERT.

    • Carefully review the procedures that apply to you, which are available here.

  • The updated Dual Enrollment Recommendation form is available here.


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