The New Gates: Broward County's Safety Procedures

By Ashly McNally


Aug. 14, 2018

This school year, new gates and security measures have been implemented throughout Broward County campuses in an effort to create a one point entry system. Pompano Beach High School is no exception, having added new gates and procedures to keep our campus safe.


The new gates will result in a safer campus for students and faculty. These gates do in fact entail a set of rules that everyone entering campus is expected to follow.

  • The faculty gate will be unlocked and always manned by security until 9 am.

  • Visitors are to go to the parking lot by the front office, the school’s main point of entry.

  • Seniors and dual enrollment students are to park in the senior lot and call the front office for security to let them in.

Notice posted on the front entrance gates to the campus. Mariana Larsen