April 9th, 2019

ORLANDO, Fl. - Each spring, middle and high school students from all over the state of Florida gather to attend the Florida Scholastic Press Association Convention. The three-day-long function covers a variety of events including contests, trade shows, and breakout sessions. 

Schools began arriving as early as Wednesday afternoon in preparation for the for the busy days to come.

Contests began at noon today, and students quickly hustled to begin working. The convention center, quiet and vacant just hours before, was now filled with bustling teenagers carrying camera equipment and reporter's pads. Excitement and eagerness radiated from the newcomers-- wistfulness and joy from the returning. 

All the while, numerous vendors and organizations put their best foot forward at the trade show, capturing the attention of students and advisers alike. 

Hours later, the chaos in the common spaces of the hotel had settled. Most had returned to the comfort of their hotel rooms to edit and put final touches on work, while others chose to stay in the lobby and continue working diligently.



Later in the evening, students gathered at the convention center again to attend the opening ceremony. The ceremony began with FSPA President, Britt Taylor, providing the audience with general information about the convention. He then introduced guest speaker, David Schiele, who is currently the official Atlanta Falcons writer for ActionSportsandNews.com. Schiele got the crowd riled up during his speech, even getting students to stand up and dance at one point.

Spectators then watched as numerous Best of the Best winners were announced, including publications from schools such as Gaither High School and Marjory Stoneman Douglas. The rest are to be announced at the closing ceremony on Saturday morning, along with the winners of today's On-The-Spot competitions.


The evening ended with a lip-sync battle which multiple schools took part in. The performances ranged from carefully choreographed routines to chaotic, yet ever-so-entertaining displays. It was the perfect end to a hectic, fun-filled day. But still, the best is yet to come. This year's FSPA convention is expected to be nothing less than electrifying.



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