pompano wins first

game of the year

By Sara Kline



Aug. 20, 2018

POMPANO BEACH, FL - The Golden Tornadoes' pre-season game against the Marathon Dolphins was the bode of confidence the Pompano Beach varsity football team needed to start off the year. Despite going 1-9 last season, the team seems ready and determined to succeed.

Pompano won the coin toss, but chose to defer to the second half. Marathon elected to receive the ball first.

Within the first quarter, the Dolphins scored a field goal. The Tornadoes attempted a field goal as well, but were unsuccessful. At the end of the quarter the score remained 3-0 - Marathon.

During the second quarter, PBHS junior, Blake Loiacono (#7), scored a rushing touchdown, but the team missed an attempt at a two-point conversion.

At the end of the first half, the score was 6-3 - Pompano.

With 5:40 left in the 3rd quarter, Marathon scored a touchdown, but missed the PAT. The score was then 9-6, Pompano trailing by 3.

Also in the third quarter, PBHS junior, Brandon Treuba (#6) made a 65-yard touchdown, however flags were thrown on the play for both holding and unsportsmanlike conduct​. Pompano was taken back to their own 20.

During the fourth quarter, another rushing touchdown was scored by junior Zach Crooks (#1). Pompano then made an attempt at a two-point conversion, but was unsuccessful.

Final score was 12-9.

You can watch the Golden Tornadoes play again at the Megabowl this Friday night, August 24th, against Monarch High School. The game will be hosted at Coconut Creek High School. Parking is $3 and admission is $4 for students & $5 for adults.

Credit: Sara Kline & Kamryn Phillips