2020-20201 Film & Tech Executive Board


Dairys Montes De Oca

President, Newscast Director

Ashly McNally is a senior at PBHS and has been in the Digital Video Production program all four years of high school. As co-president, Ashly works to better the club by organizing meetings, delegating responsibilities, heading up shoots, and more. Her favorite movie is Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse. After graduation, she hopes to attend film school and be a writer. As a career, she will be a website creative director and a showrunner.


Luis Jimenez Alvarado


Josh Tinoco is a fun person to work with! He loves to work with other people. Josh has been known to brighten up people's day. As a huge Disney fanatic, any Disney question you have, he’ll answer it. He lives by the quote "When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” 


Samantha Bernstein 


Lana Bautista is the historian of Pompano Beach High School’s Film and Tech Association. She documents the club’s meetings and manages the PTVI social media accounts. She enjoys photography and has been in the club since her freshman year.



Equipment Manager

Daniel, the assistant Equipment Manager is a Junior. Along with Munisha, he is in charge of keeping inventory organized and to make sure nothing goes missing. His favorite hobbies are photography, skateboarding and watching movies.

Emma Parker 10 Web Assist.JPG


Assistant Webmaster

Emma is a sophomore, 16 and her favorite subject is history. She loves photography and films. Her favorite movie is Little Women and the Harry Potter series. Her dream school is NYU. Emma also loves travel.

President, Webmaster

Emma Parker

Mariana, or Mari for short, is a senior. This is her fourth acting year in FTA and she is currently co-president. Mari loves to do everything from camera work to editing, but her true passion is on-air anchoring. She hopes to be accepted into the University of Florida to study broadcast journalism.


Samantha Mills

Khylin Bellhorn is the secretary for Film and Tech. She’s going into her senior year but unfortunately still looks like a freshman. As secretary she takes minutes, documents volunteer hours, and keeps everyone informed as to what’s happening with the club. In her free time, she enjoys taking pictures, listening to the same song on repeat, and eating ice cream. She hopes to one day be the CEO of Disney but who knows? She’s constantly changing her mind.




Dairys  is a junior at Pompano Beach High School. This workaholic with a love for math and tedious tasks enjoys balancing her day with the creativity of the club and the Digital Video Production Class.  She enjoys spending her days doing different tasks and projects because she believes life is too short not to complete all your goals for the day. When she's not at school she's enjoying her time with her family and dog. As she says, live life to the fullest and smile often.



Rachel is a junior and takes up the role of Parliamentarian. It is her job to call meetings to order and keep the peace while meetings progress. Though this is her third year as part of the club, she doesn’t actually have any formal experience in Digital Video Production due to her becoming a part of the club by complete accident. Despite her inexperience, Rachel has won a good few awards in journalism thanks to her her drawings and creativity. In her spare time, Rachel can be found looking at memes, watching anime, drawing a multitude of characters, playing piano, and listening to music. Rachel has a passion for storytelling in any medium and hopes to share her own stories with the world someday, though how she’ll accomplish this she doesn’t quite know yet.