Arts  and Crafts

The Benefits of Arts and Crafts

By: Samantha Bernstein and Samantha Mills, Social Media Manager 

Artwork by

Aaliyah Van Tol, 10th

Arts and crafts are tremendously good for mental health and are fun activities to do during quarantine. They not only help people express themselves, but can also help relieve stress, and become more creative and think critically. 

For people who are shy, expressing themselves through art is exceptionally beneficial. Art can be filled with whatever the heart desires. Anything that can be imagined can be shown through art.  It helps build confidence; it has been found that sharing how a person feels is a lot easier than communicating it verbally. 

Making and viewing art is peaceful and calming. It has been proven to help people cope with personal issues and provides an outlet to express how people feel. In purposes relating to school and work, people can look at things differently by being much more creative than those who aren’t. They will come up with new ideas on how to do things, overall expanding their mindset and creativity in the world. 

With or without the facts, art is undoubtedly fun and entertaining. People get to feel free and create anything they want. It can allow people to stay busy as well! 

People should occasionally immerse themselves with some art projects every now and then in order to experience all the benefits that come with arts and crafts.