Appointments with Counselors

By Ashly McNally

1.  Students who want to make an appointment to see their counselor must come to the School Counseling Office before school, during lunch or after school.  We do not want students late to class; therefore, appointment passes are not issued during class change.


2.  Students will be issued a School Counseling Appointment Pass with a specific time.  To minimize classroom disruption, passes will be presented to the teacher for the student to be excused from class.


3.  At the conclusion of the scheduled appointment, counselors will note the time on the pass to verify with the teacher the student’s return time to class.


4.  The above procedures should accommodate 99% of all cases.  There will be emergencies. The School Counseling Department will notify you when these happen, or please use your judgment in sending a student down without an appointment if you feel they need assistance immediately because he/she is under duress.


5.  Students may see counselors during their lunch period without an appointment pass.