The New Normal: Lunch Time

By Emma Parker

      Lunch is the time to unwind, eat, and catch up with friends before you have to go back to the cold and quiet classroom. Whether the food is good or not, lunch is a time for strangers to become friends and for classmates to become more connected with one another. Turning these changing times, the way we experience lunch at school is completely different now. 

       Due to the current state of the world and the different safety protocols that have to be followed and enforced, the idea of crowding around one big table and talking with friends is unattainable and unimaginable right now. Here at Pompano Beach High School, the new lunch time consists of social distancing, more outdoor seating, and a person limit on every table. 

The current protocols have not only affected the overall atmosphere of the lunchroom bustle, but has affected the way students have tried to interact with one another.

“Now with the social distancing by the CDC, we definitely have a lot less people and we are a lot less on top of each other- compared to last year when we would all crowd around and have a lot of fun”, explained junior Olivia Kimmleman.

We still might not be crowding around the table and talking about the football game on Friday night any time soon, but for right now students are trying to find the light in the situation and try to meet up with friends in a safe and memorable way.